Volume serum for every skin type. Fills up wrinkles from the inside out and tightens the skin with immediately noticeable and visible effect. Moisturizes intensively and regenerates the skin structure from the inside out.

30 ml
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Most important active ingredients:

  • Alaria Esculenta Extract
    Rich in amino acids, vitamins and mineral nutrients. Inhibits the age related decomposition of collagen and elastin and by that helps to keep your skin soft and tight.
  • Commiphora Mukul Extract
    Contains a rosin which is a very important component of Ayurvedic Medicine since hundreds of years. It acts against the degeneration of the subcutaneous fat tissue and by that fills up the skin from the inside out. Your skin becomes tighter, the lips gain more volume, wrinkles are smoothed out and the face contour is better defined.
  • Pullulan
    A natural saccharide which forms a tightening film on the face and by that cares for clearer face contours.
  • Eryngium Maritimum Stem Cells
    The sea holly is growing in an extremely scant environment and by that over thousands of years it has built up special protection mechanisms against dehydration, UV light and other damaging influences. It is rich in proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and mineral nutrients. The sea holly’s stem cells boost the skin’s regeneration and provide it with new power and energy.
  • Squalane
    Extracted from olive oil Squalane is very similar to the skin’s own lipids. It protects the skin against moisture loss, makes it soft and supple and improves the structure of the natural hydro lipid film.

Application: with the pulsed oxygen pressure injection – at home mornings and evenings under the daily skin care