The combination of ligth with air is a proven treatment for beautiful skin! Even better: the partnership of colour light therapy and concentrated oxygen.

Many studies have led to the proven effects of light and air in enhancing our appearance and wellbeing. Light controls many processes within the body: It stimulates the metabolism, the hormonal balance and the immune system. At the same time oxygen increases division and renewal of the cells. A lack of oxygen causes a grey, lack-lustre skin appearance and speeds up the ageing process.

That’s reason enough to combine both beautifiers: During the BIO2LIGHT experience different wavelengths of coloured lights blue, green, orange and red penetrate the skin at different levels; all individually selectable and interchangeable. This unique concept means that contrasting skin conditions can be targeted.

The skin as the largest sensory organ of the body receives up 80% of the color irradiation, only 20% of color pulses arrives to the brain via the optic nerve.

Depending on the wavelength visible color light can penetrate the skin up to 10mm deep, and its effects are visibly detectable as follows: four different wavelengths of coloured lights between 470nm and 620nm are applied: blue, green, orange and red – all individually selectable and interchangeable.

  • BLUE (470nm) has anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound healing properties. Ideal for impure, inflamed and irritated skin.
  • GREEN (530nm) has a calming, balancing and harmonizing effect. Prefect for use on irritated, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
  • ORANGE (600nm) has regenerating, stimulating and activating, encourages detoxification. Strengthens the immune system.
  • RED (620nm) stimulates the metabolism, increases the blood circulation and tightens mature, degenerated skin.

Up to 10 mm deep the light waves penetrate the skin and – depending on the wave length – contrasting skin conditions can be targeted.

Several positive effects for the skin can be seen:

  • increasing the blood circulation
  • stimulating the skin metabolism
  • activating the immune system
  • reducing inflammations
  • balancing pigmentation irregularities
  • calming sensitive skin

Importantly, during the light treatment, vitalizing and refreshing concentrated oxygen is streaming into the BIO2LIGHT hood creating an “oxygen-light-tent” which enhances your beauty and wellbeing from the inside and outside.

There are some benefits of pure Oxygen inhalation.

1. Slow down aging skin
Pure oxygen is starting to break onto the scene to help us in the fight against aging.

2. Stressful lives
Pure oxygen can help to reduce stress.

3. Think faster
If you are struggling some days to focus, get things done, then breathing pure oxygen can help make those tasks that bit easier and quicker.

4. Speeds up recovery
Breathing pure oxygen can help everyone that is looking to recover more quickly from injury, a minor operation or a period of being unwell. Air contains 21% oxygen and Nora Bode concentrated oxygen is normally 95%.

5. The great detoxer and cleanser
According to many health gurus the great body cleanser and detoxifier is oxygen. Breathing pure oxygen can help to reduce those toxins that we carry in our bodies, in turn helping us to be healthier.

6. Boost the immune system
Our immune system helps us to fight infections, diseases, coughs & colds. By breathing pure oxygen is another way of helping you to help your immune system to help you

Note! The BIO LIGHT can be used with any other equipments providing Oxygen.