Fights the sings of skin fatigue, strengthens the skin and gives it more tonicity. The formation of damaging radicals is inhibited.

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Most important active ingredients:

  • Thermus Thermophylus Ferment
    A micro-organism from the depths of the oceans. As a multifunctional enzyme system inhibits the emergence of toxic radicals and has a neutralizing effect on sun-damaged skin.
  • Eugenia Gracilis Extract
    Eugenia gracilis is a single-celled micro algae, which especially at night produces Phosphoinositides. These molecules are essential for the release of calcium and the supply of ATP, two important factors to stimulate the skin’s metabolism. Skin fatique is reduced, skin gets strengthened.
  • White Tea
    Rich in polyphenols, white tea acts against free radicals and so prevents premature skin aging.

Application: with the pulsed Oxygen pressure injection, CRYO2, OXYspray, OXYtone, BIO2LIGHT – at home mornings and evenings under daily skin.